One low lap unlimited class Bear Vlie...



The last long turn,"the Ross tape"



One low jet lap Vlie...




Tutorial or just fun to watch, video's made by Vlie and the first two send in movie's  by Tor  737NG.

If you have requests for a special video send me a mail and just ask. 


Please leave entry in logbook.All input is welcome.


Latest video by Tor with explaining text,

 thanks  for sharing your video


Hey guys,

One new vid, more to follow when I have time. Recorded under great difficulties with Airplay. First of all the frame rate is really bad, and I have to play under those circumstances too...

As I can't record a "perfect lap" (unless I record every race and wait to get lucky), I want to point out the (major) errors I make below:

1) Before the very first pylon I have started "fast-tap-boosted" too early, and the boost is too low. Should be between 2. and 3. speed digit, for the flight from pylon 1 to pylon 2.

2) After the first sharp turn, after the hill (which is otherwise close to perfect, very close to the pylon), I over steer a bit and have to correct back to the next pylon.

3) Next turn, I loose too much speed (or at least a bit too slow to recover it), and it's much to far from the pylon (should have been like the first turn).

4) 3rd turn (last before Valley of speed), my exit is a tad too soon and I gain a little altitude. Also it's too far from the pylon again.

5) 2nd turn after the Valley of speed, is too close to the pylon - which mean I can't turn far enough towards the next pylon. I do manage to make a good correction through, and don't think that cost a lot of time, but it could have been smoother.

The biggest time loss is without a doubt, that I don't go close enough to the pylon in the 2 last turns before the Valley of speed. With big, we are talking, 0.1 - 0.15 secs. :-)

New lines by Tor


A outtake from an old recording, with a bad start.


Interesting, because I catch up with the leader, and it's quite clear to see the difference between the lines we fly.

I aim for the outside of the green and turn earlier. The opponent aims as close as possible to the pylon and hence, has to start his turn later. Look at the difference when entering the Valley of speed.


How to make recordings when you have a window's pc


The first video's where made by connecting my pad to the television with a hdmi-cable, and recording it with my phone. Using the dropbox app to send it too my pad, and I used iMovie to make the final cuts. It made for smooth video and a reasonable sound but the colours being send by de hdmi cable are a little off. And the striping effect on the video happens when the phone gets to close to the television.

After a tip from Tor I tried the other option of screen recording for window's PC's.


There are several options out there, but after trying some off them out, I recommend the 3

programs to get going. First is Airserver, its not free ware but free to use for seven days to try out. Second is Reflection, also not free ware but it will run for 5 minits also to try it out, the paid version can record too when using windows 7. Both programs can receive a mirror image of your ipad and display it on your pc screen. Airserver has got an option that will help with a slower wifi network if needed. : :


To activate the airport on the ipad double tap the home button and scroll too the left,there's a button there to turn mirroring on.


To record the screen and sound I found one option that works very nice and simple, called BB Flashback. You can find it at

The standard version can be used for free no limit, for mp4 encoding you will need the paid version.

There is the possibility to record from a second pc or tv screen connected to the pc. That will make it easy to record full-screen, and keep the buttons on the other screen.

My test video's are reasonable in the slow network mode. But they have the same jitter that shows up in Tor's video, I blame it on a to slow wifi system. (netgear)


If you are going to try it please let me now if you have better video quality, so we can all benefit.

Would be a nice thing to be able to make smooth video's whit good colour. Write in and let me now......




One tutorial lap P51 made by Tor737NG. With text comments, Awesome, thank''s  for sending in


One low lap unlimited class P51 Tor 737NG. same without comments.


Trailer real Reno air race




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