Preparing plane page send in short piece about your favorite plane and why,

handling pos/neg. Any Plane you like. And screenshot off your paint job.

ME-109 at Reno Photo by Ralph Jensen 


All input is


My Yak 3 is fast and agile, but not very forgiving,

any mistake ends in a crash.
The best colour is Green, this view is from the front.

 Most pilots only see my Yak from the Back.
Woody, this is how it looks from the front.
by The Mays

This is my favorite airplane,very agile and a good

roll rate. Easyer than most plane's to keep up the speed.

But whit hits and craches it slows down to almost zero.

Nice plane for avoiding rooky's

By Vliegenier

Yak3 was my first plane to race, fast dynamic even if a little nervous.

I keep a lot of good memories.

By Rosanna






This is my plane.There are many like it,but this one is mine.

My plane is my best friend...))
Good plane,very fast in sharp turn,and whith a big rudder

to keep those faster turn under control...most of the time.....
By Woodpecker

F4U Corsaire has become my plane when I left the pilot and

I have seen really started to fly

 (Thanks Vlie)

By Rosanna

Please leave

entry in logbook

My long distance duck, very stable and nice to fly but

hard to keep speed up and roll rate is a little slow.

By Vliegenier

I can not get this thing to go fast sorry.

By Vliegenier


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