My special thanks goes to .:HOTROD:. For helping me out in times of trouble, keep flying HOT.....


The Red Tails

A piece of historie

Want to now more?

And to all his French friends for letting me chase them for a long time.

And I must not forget a special Italian friend who gave me the push to go online.....My chance to pay it forward.

Sincerely Jo.

Michele 'Woodpecker' Cuccagna.
Hello all Reno fans out there, the 9th of february it's the day that Michele 'Woodpecker' Cuccagna psssed away. That wil be the beginning of an annual race weekend to show we wil never forget him or anyone else that might need support.

In the beginning i was learning the game from Hotrod, Woodpecker, Kidomone and Capitaine Jean, i have been chasing these guys for months. But they where kind enough to give tips and motivation and not to forget a lot off humor.
After getting to know some more players online like the ladys Dubai female and Rosanna, mister Mays, Gator and Speedturtle, i thought it was time to pay it forward and share some tips and tricks with other players. I think we all wanted a little more competition in the game and get more fast players, giving the game a little boost of it's own. With help from all the above people i put up the website wich made it a internationel endefor.
Woodpecker did the translations in Italian and Spanish, Speedturtle made the German version and Hotrod, Kidomine made the French one.
Sins, Michele 'Woodpecker' Cuccagna has passed away after illness, he was one of the funniest and all around nice guys of the game.

All is to remember and showed that the online Reno commutity is one off the best around, all send in comments and specialy the ones for Woodpecker where hart warming, i will never forget those weeks.
I do think we gave the game a possitive lift and more and more players joined in the fun online.
I want to thank all players from all around the world for making a little difference in the world and my persenal live espacialy.
The fun online made my life a little more easy and got me threw a bad spell in my life.

Sincerely Johan van Veen (Vliegenier)
dress code for annual race weekend, the Italian tricolore





A little bit about me, Vliegenier (old dutch for pilot):

When I was a little boy my uncle took me to see aeroplanes at Schiphol airport, and in those days a plane ride was a little out of reach for a big family. From that day I wondered what it was what made those things fly. And started to learn English to read British magazines and books, there was not much in Dutch in that area, so learn to read before English lessons started at school.

And that was the start of fascination for aviation, especially for the Spitfire, Don't get me wrong you wont find me at a runway counting planes, to cold. I have been to a couple of airshows, What the Harier jump jet put on show, was the best. 

But the way all those war birds where described, the Spitfire especially spoke to my imagination and never left me. Many years later there was a combat sim with the Spitfire included, and try to put that reading into some fun. Shot down many German planes those days......

But getting a little grey around the ears that died down, until Reno air race popt up. Until then I never did anything online, no modern media for me, was I wrong...

That was it, I was back in game play and hooked, well you all now the rest of the story......

One day I will take a couple off flight lessons for real, I promise.


a little update, i went flying as promised;


Thank you very much Mario for taking me up



me and friend

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