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Al (silvery blackish p51)

Hi Vlie,

I have found this - after the initial dive and levelling off, really smoothly setting up for the first turn.

Leave the boost alone until I get to /clear the big ridge. It's about the same time as it gets crowded when I hit and HOLD boost to outrun the mob. Usually at around the first pylon I ease off and being low the boost rebuilds in time for the first turn and beyond.......

I see all the guys tapping boost/ lurching and in one burst I clear them, think I outrun you at one point here !

Now I got to get and stay low for the rest of the lap !

Fun times..


Go well.


Phone to pad and steerpoints
Recently I changed from playing this game on a iphone to ipad and oh boy what a change.
For the first time I can see the pylon on the far end of the hills,
and have something to aim for.
The game looks very nice on the bigger screen and very good for flying low to the ground, 
lot of fun trying to keep the warning bleep bleeping... 
But when it comes to speed, that's a different story.
I started in my usual Yak with all steer-points on and all I did was crash into pylons
and the ground, 
reminded me of flying the Bear in the beginning of the game. 
I never got the bear to fly fast on the phone. 
So the yak was not a success and tried the other planes for better luck, and guess what
 the Bear fly's great on the pad, not fast enough yet, but an improvement. 
The problem was I kept over-steering and started to turn steer-points of, 
to try if that made a difference. 
This after a tip from Gator on this subject.(see articles) 
And it did to my surprise, the Yak turns into a P51 light or 
a little like the Seafury but with a little more power. 
It makes's a big difference in the jet section, more stable and less nervous, very nice. 
In the jet I got back to old lap-timesss very quick that way, 
but with the Yak I'm still working on better 
laptime's. Only a few 101 laps so far, but hey still got a million points so............. 
I will keep the experiments going and share the outcome
 Have fun trying, Vlie.....


 By Gator (US) |  May 26, 2012 17:30 

Tips I've found as I regain my 101 status...

There are a few things you can do even with a lower point score to fly faster and cleaner. I consistently beat or place against 101 score planes using these tips.

First, use ALL you points to max the engine upgrades first. Bigger motor= more speed. Then alternate using additional points for weight and aerodynamic improvement. Use steering LAST. (currently I don't have any steering upgrades). Flying use MINIMAL control inputs. Pick a point far ahead and steer to that point. Don't use the rudder at all if possible. Use pitch and roll to control your direction. This may sound difficult at first, but if you work on it, the results are obvious. Lastly keep your speed up (don't drop below 550, and use the boost sparingly). I normally boost as I enter the turn around the pylons and come up accelerating.

Good luck and have fun.


The BEAN April 24, 2012

Well I finally made it to the website. Hi vlie and all other guys and gals who have provided such great racing. I love chasing your tails and occassionally passing them :-)

The bug I'm sure you all know about is the nasty sound before the race starts and sparks comming out of the middle of your plane. It also moves you to the left at the start. This happens fairly regularly. The less regular one is where one of the planes seems to jump forward by a huge amount and there is no way to catch up.

Still it's not put me off as I love the game and am hooked



wind !?                                                                     Vliegenier   april 5,2012

This will be a discussion about the game that only the developers can answer.

Is there ground effect and air plane turbulence or prop wash?

I think so, but only the ground effect has to be noticed by more people than me. Every time you get to close to ground, especially when going very close over a small hill, the plane makes a little hop .

I also notice that if been overtaken by a plane overhead, the chance of crash is very high, even when the flightpath is good. Many see that as a bug in game because some are bug crashes.

When racing against the Airliner it seems to be wurs. Discusion is open........Dub?!


                                               sent in by Woody  april 6,2012

Maybe some ground effect is present,sometimes when fly very low seems that the plane are"sucked" from the ground and its impossible to lift...sometimes also the inferior part of the plane "disappear" in the ground..but this its not consistent,for this reason i think its probably a other kind of....


send in by The Mays april 10,2012

The "ground effect" is not always a bug either, on any race I think its possible to get sucked close to ground, if you pull up slightly, you don't crash.


                                                                    sent in by Enzo April 7,2012

Hi Vlie, I have noticed that if I finish a race first but only .3 sec. in front, the computer timing corrects me to second spot. Have you noticed this anomaly and do you understand why?

Keep on racing, ENZ1.


I think it is a problem with bandwidth and servers, so sometimes the laptimes stay behind the picture you see, and come in to late. Also see My view of the game.



send in by The Mays april 10,2012

Hey Jo
The SPEED is the highest speed attained during the race, not the average. So it is possible to have a lower speed and still win, because it is not average. You can prove this by coming second in a race, but the second place person gains height and dives, this will give a higher speed.
The lap times flash when the times are identical, (to more than 3 decimal places) imagine the fourth digit is hidden. See you in Reno!





how to fly Reno;

Italian version pdf by Woody thx

Spanish version pdf by Woody

German version pdf by Speedturtle thx

German Gator version pdf by Speedturtle

How to origanal pdf by Vliegenier

How to rewritten version pdf by Gator thx

French version df by Kidomine thx

French Gator version by Hotrod thx



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