link to app .

Availlable for Iphone Ipad and Android .

Tip for getting the boost back in working order without leaving the game

For most Apple devices, but you can try it on others devicis to.


First put your icon for the game in easy reach for your thumbs on the first page of your device. When the boost get stuck push the home button on your device so the game shuts down. then restart the game by immediatly pushing the game icon. If you do this fast enough you will return in the race you left in pause mode, press resume and youre back in the game wih working boost. I tryed it several times and it works for me

All pictures of game and photo's

are send in by online players,

including me.

Learning on the job, If you

have input, let me now.

Others do, so send me a E-mail.

Getting help from U.S.A, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain,Denmark and


All input is welcome


photo by Ralph Jensen

If you think you can write

a better or faster brief,

or translations put it a e-mail

and i will put it online.

So everybody can have some input

and we can all have some fun...

Thats what this page is for.










Nicknames I seeonline:

"The Oracle"


"The Idiot"

Vlie''s flying circus

The Guru



Vlie squadron

101 gang

The King

Big Bro


photo by Ralph Jensen

See the updated about us page


reno online race meeting 2014 Escalles France

reno online race meeting 2013 near the Po river Italy


Please leave a entry in the logbook, it shows your apprciation for the game

and maybe helps in getting this game the attention it deserves.


Vliegenier trailer Reno online Race Game

i will try to improve video quality for the next video's


Too all pilots who are flying billboards for me,

 Thank you for getting the game out there. Please you are free to join in.

Send in text about bugs and changes you want to see in the game,

will make extra page to keep track of things.


My special thanks goes to .:HOTROD:. For helping me out in times of trouble,

keep flying HOT.....

And to all his French friends for letting me chase them for a long time.

And I must not forget a special Italian friend who gave me the push to go online.....

My chance to pay it forward.

Sincerely Jo.


Written by Vliegenier/Gator

My view of the game; 

                                update april 7.2012 thx Gator


When you first try the game, it may seem a bit ‘off’. But if you treat it more like a flight simulator, you will get a ‘feel’ for the 3 dimensional aspect, and it becomes much more fun. With most games you are done in a couple of weeks, but not with this one. This is by far the best 3D racing game there is.

It stays interesting if you know something about airplanes. And you can keep improving your flying skills, just as real pilots do. Although the game is very well designed, you may experience problems with the online game using remote servers. Sometimes bandwidth is an issue, and the game may not update often enough during a race. Most users have found that running on a local network and having several folks race on the same router works very well.

When you first are starting out, it’s best to use the ‘assist’ mode in the options. This will help you prevent over-steering. As you advance you can uncheck the ‘assist’, and you will have much more maneuverability. This will allow you to do loops, aileron rolls, etc. You may even see some pilots racing inverted! Don't wait to long with the change.

Most of the other on-line pilots have an affection for aviation, work in that sector, and some are pilots. So that fact alone must say something about the quality of this ‘game’. There are still some things that can be done to improve the game, and hopefully this site will be a place for those suggestions.

It is my hope that Breitling will take notice and appreciate the excellent following that this game has generated.


This page must pop up on their pc on day..


 Wind or turbulence, Bandwidth ; discusion is open..........


VLIEGENIER: How to fly Reno
Geplaatst door sbogovac|Monday, April 2, 2012 23:04

Thanks!!! Helped me to get to "that next level"...

Keep flying y'all!


The rewritten version is in real English made by Gator, thank's  for that. And  I will keep them both on the page, to keep the proces transparant. Up to you to make your conslusion how to go faster, have fun...


last origanal  brief update april, 3, 2012

rewrittren by Gator april 7, 2012


Rewrittren by Gator:

VLIEGENIER: How to fly Reno – Introductory tutorial


This is a brief attempt to write a guide for a 1 lap race in the unlimited class.

For all the grey haired pilots out there (Sorry ladies, you are beautiful and we DO need more women pilots) this is how I do it and am still trying to go faster. I trust that this helps.

From the countdown at the start, first dive to the area that looks like a fork in the road and boost at the same time. (use your boost sparingly as taps conserve it, and give the same effect as holding it down). Aim for the 2nd pylon (the one just beyond the green one) and introduce a bit of bank (not too steep) and boost as you begin your turn. You will find that anything over 15 degrees of bank will significantly drop your airspeed, so try to keep your turns gradual keeping your speed up. If you do turn sharply, tap the boost simultaneously to maintain your speed. This is a good practice to follow for all your turns. Tap the boost going into the turn. Avoid sharp changes in control inputs. This will also slow you down, and at high speed will cause you to porpoise (up and down like dolphins jumping in the ocean). As you approach top speed (around 580mph) stop using any boost. It will simply waste the boost and not provide any additional speed. The less control inputs you use, the higher your speed will be. As rudder and elevator do provide sharper control, they also introduce drag and slow you down. So the trick is to use minimal input of control surfaces, while at the same time maintaining your altitude pylon height or lower, shallow banks and well-timed boost. Easy, right? ;-) Use the final straight flight (Valley of Speed as it’s affectionately known in Reno) to build up your boost for the final turns heading into the start / finish pylon. If you maintain just a small bit of height here, you can dive to gain some speed at the final pylon.

Hitting the ground, pylons or another aircraft (poor form) will cause you (and the other aircraft) to lose significant speed. You won’t make many friends flying into other pilots.

If you have tricks or things you think will help our fellow gaming pilots, please share them on this site. It’s why I created it. If you want to reach me directly, you can use the e-mail link on this page, or SKYPE at jovanveen (Vliegenier), or the logbook on this site.

Thank you for participating.


Origanal version;

 VLIEGENIER: HOW TO FLY RENO, for now until I find new tricks


This is an attempt to write a a guide to a one lap race in the unlimited class.

For all the grey hare pilots out there. Sorry lady's, you are beautiful and most welcome and we need more lady pilots.

This is how I do it, But hey I am still trying to go faster. Hope it helps and that nothing got lost in translation. And remember English lessons where long time ago.

From Countdown at start dive to the thing that's looks like a fork in de road and boost at the same time, I always try to keep a little boost left, to get out of trouble if needed. And it makes the boost management bar and the speedo a little easyer to keep an eye on in the speed of the game.

Keep the boost going with short taps over the lower bumps but stop in time to collect some boost for the first pylon. Try to start the boost just before you start steering, to get the ref's up. Because plane starts to slow down the most when it turns or banks at more than 15 degrees. Avoid that by refing engine so it is in maximum power range when on that bank angle. Start turn a little later than U are used to. When going back to level flight stop boost at 578. When done smoothly it is possible without the use of the rudder, but if rudder is used only in very short taps once or twice to keep from over steering.

This basic tactic can be used for all turns.

Use the long straight to get boost tank full, and don't boost over 580. The long three pylon turn at the end can be flown as if it where one long turn, with lots of big burst of boost to keep engine on high ref's until level again. Very nice too do but difficult to keep speed up.

Or you can do it in two smaller turns similar to the others turns, but time the last one a little extra late. That will make it easy er to line up with finish line.

Keep an eye on speedo, learn and keep it smooth.....

For extra smooth, dont think 2- axis but more like a trackball, hope you now what I mean...Make's it easyer in multiple lap race.


Have fun, still got questions, input; Skype chat:

jovanveen (Vliegenier) ,mail,logbook if need to....

Link to Vlie101 (johan van veen (vliegenier) ) Facebook page


You can use the link to get in touch to all 101 players and get all the help you might need. 


Tips to keep points save


For Android devices, send in by Coupe X, thanks


Here is the way I copy and move save games on Android:

I use the default file manager and an unrooted device. Instructions will be very similar on most android devices.

1. Open file manager

2. Navigate to "internal device storage" (name may be different on different devices).

3. Open games folder, revo, and brar.

4. In the brar folder is a data folder and 3 files. Ignore data folder. Copy the 3 files (tempfile, settings.rno and otherach.rno) to the location of your choice. The settings.rno is game settings file. The otherach.rno is the save game for the "player". Not sure what tempfile is for, maybe openfeint remnant, i just copy it also.

5. If you move the files and start a new game, it makes a new set of files at default settings, rank 1. To load an old save just copy or move the 3 files back.

This is the easiest was i have found to make a solid backup of any player, and switch them around in just a few seconds.

I have a players folder inside my brar folder that has 4 save game folders in it. And each folder has its own 3 files. I just create a new folder for each "pilot".

Thats it :-). Hope this helps any droid users that need it.



I found a way into the game file system and trying to find a way to extract the game data. No luck so far but i will keep the experiments going until i find a way to transer game points and rank status.


When you have iCloud backup this seems to keep the data safe so you can reinstall from that.

But if this also can be used for transfer between different devices

is not clear to me yet.

If anybody wants to help please let me know.


On 14 december the Open Feint server was unplugged. On that same day Turn &Burn lost his 101 status and showed up again as a nr 1. I thought my points where safe but was i wrong.

The account informion
such as points and achiefments where automatecly transferd to the Gree online game server.I try to find away to acces that information but can't find it so far. The game needs an update to connect to the Gree server
A lot off players also have there points and achiefment stored on the Apple game center. But up to now i can't find
a way to use it to transfer account information from one divice to the other.
this was possible with Open feint.
This all left me with a bit of a problem;
More than 500 hours of flying and 1,5 million points and i can't find away to keep it safe. Because the apple game center wont inport my points etc.
For now their safe on my ipad, but when that goes bonkers, i'm back to a nr 1 to
So if any one has an answer please let me now. In other words HELP....



Preparing plane page

send in short piece about your

favorite plane and why,

handling pos/neg.


Bearbuzz want to hear it?


photo by Ralph Jensen

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 Phone to Pad and steerpoints

The story so far....

Translations of main items


by Hotrod/Kidomine  by Woopecker

Translations of main items


by Woodpecker        by Speedturtle

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